Want To Lower YOUR BLOOD SUGAR Naturally, Reverse Insulin resistance And Stop Using Diabetes Medication Constantly?

 Get Started With Our Ultimate Diabetes Reversal GamePlan

  • Finally Balance blood sugar to a healthy level
  • Finally lose excess body/tummyy fat
  • Stop Using Diabetes Medications constantly 
  • Or Reduce Your dependance on Medication 

We Offer  a Root-Cause-Long Term Healing approach To  Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Research-backed, nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help you Lower your blood sugar naturally!

Does This Feel Familiar?

  • Your blood sugar is constantly high despite all your efforts at eating right?
  • You are frustrated with swallowing pills everyday?
  • You struggle with decisions as to what to eat to prevent blood sugar spikes and to make wise food choices from our locally available Nigerian food items
  • You’re constantly feeling sick and low in energy because of the side effects of your medications
  • You struggle to lose excess weight which diabetes medication puts on you?
  • You want to put diabetes into remission and reduce/eliminate my medications


The Ultimate Diabetes Reversal Game-Plan is a 12 weeks  one-on -one coaching program that help you balance blood sugar and eliminate the need for constant medications.  However, you  have access to Coach Oluchukwu for up to one year.

The  program gives you a simpler, natural way to balance blood sugar while enjoying delicious, nutritionally rich recipes, as well as teaches you how to live a life free of high blood sugar.

What You Can Expect From Us...

Customized Meal Plan

With our Customized Menu Plan, You will not need to guess what to eat, and you won't need to eat with fear of blood sugar spikes

Online Weekly Classes

Through our online academy, you learn how to choose, plan, prepare healthy meals and ditch bad habits so that you can create and develop a healthy lifestyle and reverse type 2 diabetes.

Bi-Weekly One-on-one Coaching Calls

Through our one-on-one coaching calls every 2 weeks and consultation service you will understand your health circumstance and obstacles to achieving your health goals. So you’ll know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goal and monitor progress

STEP 1: Schedule A Consultation: We speak over the phone so we help you get clarity on the next step forward

STEP 2: Plan of Attack

I’ll create a custom  plan specific to your needs and current situation. You’ll know exactly what you need to do and when to do it

STEP 3: REGAIN YOUR HEALTH: We balance your blood sugar, you lose excess weight and set your diabetes into remission

What Our Clients have To Say...

Mrs Eunice

"Throughout my pregnancy, I was able to maintain a stable blood glucose level"

"I have been a type 2 diabetic for 11 years and have never been able to get my blood sugars down to an acceptable level. I was Obese and it was not easy for me to take in. My doctor recommended that I consult a Dietitian. I started researching the internet to learn more about Dietitians. Then I came across the The Diabetes reversal Plan. To cut my story short, I started the program in June 2019 and by September of the same year, I became pregnant something I have longed for in years. That is after losing more than 10kg. Throughout my pregnancy, I was able to maintain a stable blood glucose level".

Mrs Nwabueze


"finally off my medication last week!"

"I was finally off my medication last week, something I never thought would happen in this life. More importantly, through the Healthy online academy, I am now equipped with the knowledge it takes to prevent a relapse"

Dr Tayo

"the neuropathy is gone, my blood sugar is regulated!"

Before starting this program, my diabetes was a mess; -blood sugar was so high, neuropathy in my feet, dizzy, and had begun falling down. I am a lecturer and I have fallen several times on campus. In early January of this year, I started the diet and began exercising regularly. Currently, I have lost over 9kg, the neuropathy is gone, my blood sugar is regulated, and I have been able to cut back on my drugs for high blood pressure. I look forward to full emancipation from my drugs.

Everything You Will Get...

A Customized Eating Plan

 You’d be clear about foods that are safe to eat and avoid so you will not need to guess what to eat for fear of blood sugar spikes

A Custom Exercise Plan

 You will get a custom exercise plan that suits your health circumstance and lifestyle so you can easily stick with it.  Based on your circumstance, we will decide on which exercises that best suits you

Access to Support WhatsApp group:

 You will have support from two Dietitians and other individuals living with type 2 diabetes. You can learn from their experiences

Initial Assessment Session:

 During this 30-45 mins session, we will discuss your past health and nutrition history so we can create a custom diabetes reversal plan specific to your needs and current situation

A Healthy Recipe Guide:

 You will receive a copy of my cookbook with variety of healthy low-carb recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner with cooking guide as well as a one month meal plan

Weekly Progress Reviews:

 Every 2 weeks, Coach Oluchukwu will review your progress so we are sure that we are making progress. This is a 10-15 mins session with the Coach

The Diabetes Transformation Academy :

 This 6 week video course is designed to educate you on everything you need to know concerning eating healthy, losing weight and reversing type 2 diabetes. This course will help you make healthier choices for yourself and family as well


To get all this and more...

  • Nigerian food calorie list
  • Eating cheat sheet (high carbohydrate foods, low carb foods and high fibre foods) 
  • Access to Coach Oluchukwu 


I am a  diabetes management dietitian.
...and I can help you put diabetes into remission thereby eliminating the need for constant medications

I understand how frustrating it is to live with too much dietary restriction, swallow pills and endure needle pains regularly just to avoid blood sugar spikes

My team and I have coached over 250 Nigerians put diabetes into remission, maintain a normal blood sugar range and quit constant diabetes medications.

I have done it for others and  can do it for you too


Diabetes: All you need to know

--The real cause of Insulin resistance

--How to reduce your blood sugar medications

--How to develop a diabetes-friendly eating plan

--How to manage your weight to reverse diabetes

--Sleep Deprivation and Your Blood sugar

--Stress management for Optimum Blood Sugar Control

--The Right Exercise/s for You

--Diabetes Medications: How they Affect You

And many more

How Do I Join This Program?

This section is all about price anchoring. In a moment, your visitor will be seeing the price of your online course, so you want to begin talking about the value of your course in this section so that when they finally see the price, they feel that it is reasonable.


Affordable Plan



  • Customized Diet Plan
  • Exercise Plan
  • Access to Coach Oluchukwu 


advanced PLAN

Best value



  • Customized Diet Plan
  • Custom Exercise Plan
  • A custom detox plan for a week
  • The Nigerian Diabetes Cookbook
  • All Modules in the Academy
  • Unlimited Access to Coach Oluchukwu 24 hrs/day
  • Private Coaching Call With Coach Every 2 Weeksl

Here’s what people are saying about the course


Will this program help me to Cure Diabetes?

There is no cure for diabetes for now. This program can help you reverse type 2 diabetes.  This means that your blood sugar will always remain in the normal range for non-diabetics and you will not need to use diabetic medications constantly.  

Will I have so many dietary restrictions if I enroll? 

No you will not have too many restrictions.  You can actually enjoy your favourite Nigerian meals but in appropriate portions, such as rice, beans, plantain, healthy swallows, etc.  You will only be restricted from eating foods that are very bad for your health.

Will I be constantly hungry?

No, when your diet is based on junk meals, you will have to eat more of it to feel satisfied.  But with this clean, healthy eating plan which you will get in this program, your body WILL get the nutrition it craves, so you’ll get fuller faster.

What if I do not succeed? Will I get a refund?

You definitely will succeed as the method used is  scientifically tested with results.    However, if you follow our coaching plan for 4 weeks and you feel that the program was not worth or you didn't achieve any result, you will receive a full refund, guaranteed.

Don't want to pay online?

You can do a bank transfer to 0654123859, GTBank, Desire Nutrition Konsult and send a message tp or Whatsapp 08140048199 with proof of payment

After payment, what next?

  • Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive an email
  • This email will contain a link to your assessment form and other downloads 
  • After that, you will receive a call or a message to book your first consultation with Coach Oluchukwu
  • Ensure you fill your assessment form at least a day before your consultation
  • During your consultation, we will collect more information we need to  create your personalized plan
  • Your plan will be ready within 2-3 days after your first consultation and will be emailed to you along with all other necessary information. We will then agree on a start date
  • Your regular follow ups and progress reviews will follow.  You will also be enrolled in Our Ultimate Diabetes Reversal Academy Online. 
  • And you can always reach your coach via phone, WhatsApp or email for support.

So what is it going to be?

Are you going to ignore all that you have read and call it one of those online scams while your life remains the same?

You ignore this, continue to swallow medications and focus only on the symptoms of diabetes?

You ignore this and continue to buy all the MLM products and Chinese and Asian teas?  And before you tell me that they work, I know they do control blood sugar but they won't restore you insulin resistance which is caused by excess fat clogging to the pancreas?


You will take the wisest step by treating the root cause of your diabetes.

Listen... taking medications, herbal teas and concoctions without making lifestyles changes is like having a clean plate under a running oil and expecting it to remain clean.

So if you're ready to jumpstart your journey to diabetes reversal, I'll be waiting on the inside for you.